What I can do for you (and your business).

  • Logo: A pictoral or typographical (text) representation of your business.
    •  I will design to fit your budget. Please note: smaller budgets will get you less time and research. You need to give me as much detail and be as specific as you can if you want value for money.
  • Business cards:
    • I will design a business card for you.
    • I will also liase with a printer, and get the cheapest quotes if you want.
  • Advertising material:
    •  I will create anything printed or digital for your business. I have done brochures, newsletters, flyers, posters, annual reports … almost everything.
    •  I can also online ads for you with some very simple animation if required.
  • Websites:
    • While I am not a code monkey, I can install a WordPress blog into your site and, using a predesigned theme, customise it to your needs. You may have noticed that this website was not created by me. I used a theme designed by someone else, and tweaked it to fit my business’ look. By doing it this way, I save you time (you don’t have the headache of installing, finding themes, adjusting them) and money (you aren’t paying thousands of dollars for a unique website).
    • I can also create a video tutorial specific to your website showing you how to log in, write a blog post/page and other things. I want to make running a blog as easy and fun for you as possible.

If you would like some illustration or photography done, please email me ( for a quote. I am usually up for anything :)